Baylor Baptist Church
Friday, January 30, 2015
In the Heart of Ennis for the Hearts of Ennis
               Physical Address:
                210 N. Preston
               Ennis, TX  75119
          Phone: 972 875-2521
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 Welcome to Baylor Baptist 


          January 1           New Year’s Day/Office Closed
          January 7           Wed. Night Suppers Resume
                                      Choir Practice Resumes
          January 14         Ladies Bible Study Resumes
          January 15         Latham Springs Day
          January 17         Saturday Morning Breakfast
          January 18         Pot Luck, Business Meeting
                                      And Volunteer Fair
          January 26         Office Closed
          January 27         Dream Team 



9:30am                       Sunday School 
11:00am                     Morning Worship Service
4:00pm                       Puppet Practice
5:00pm                       RA's
5:30pm                       GA’s 
6:00pm                       Evening Worship 
6:00pm- 7:15pm        FORGE 



Noon                           Men’s Brown Bag Lunch 


10:00am                     3D Ladies Bible Study 
5:30pm                       Wednesday Night Supper 
6:15pm                       Bible Study/ Prayer Service
6:15pm                       Children’s Choir/Activities
6:15pm                       FORGE (youth group) 
7:15pm                       Worship Choir Practice









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