Baylor Baptist Church
Sunday, December 21, 2014
In the Heart of Ennis for the Hearts of Ennis
               Physical Address:
                210 N. Preston
               Ennis, TX  75119
          Phone: 972 875-2521
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 Welcome to Baylor Baptist 

                     COMING EVENTS

    Nov. 3- - Dec. 7       Lottie Moon Week of Prayer
     December 2             Dream Team-Noon
     December 7             Living Christmas Tree
                                       performance at Rusk
     December 9             Deacon Mtg/Banquet
     December 14           Annual Sonshine Class Breakfast
                                      Living Christmas Tree at
                                       Baylor 4:00 & 7:00
     December 21           Annual Church Wide
                                      Christmas Caroling
     December 24          Christmas Eve Service
     December 25          Church Wide Christmas Breakfast
     December 24-25     Christmas Holidays
                                      Office Closed
     January 1, 2015      New Year’s Day
                                      Office Closed 



9:30am                       Sunday School 
11:00am                     Morning Worship Service
4:00pm                       Puppet Practice
5:00pm                       RA's
5:30pm                       GA’s 
6:00pm                       Evening Worship 
6:00pm- 7:15pm        FORGE 



Noon                           Men’s Brown Bag Lunch 


10:00am                     3D Ladies Bible Study 
5:30pm                       Wednesday Night Supper 
6:15pm                       Bible Study/ Prayer Service
6:15pm                       Children’s Choir/Activities
6:15pm                       FORGE (youth group) 
7:15pm                       Worship Choir Practice









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