Baylor Baptist Church
Saturday, May 23, 2015
In the Heart of Ennis for the Hearts of Ennis
               Physical Address:
                210 N. Preston
               Ennis, TX  75119
          Phone: 972 875-2521
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 Welcome to Baylor Baptist 

       Coming Events

Sunday, May 3
11:00am - John Kantor; & 6:00pm Seder Meal
Sunday, May 10 - Mother’s Day
Monday, May 11
7:00pm - Deacon’s Meeting
Saturday, May 16
8:00am - Men’s/Ladies Breakfasts
Sunday, May 17
Noonish - Potluck/Business Meeting
6:00pm - Children’s Musical -”Nic At Night”
May 21 - June 2 - Mission Trip to the Phillippines
May 22 - Youth Working Parking Lot - Polka Fest
May 31 - Senior Recognition Sunday  

        Weekly Schedule


9:30am                       Sunday School 
11:00am                     Morning Worship Service
4:30pm                       Puppet Practice
5:00pm                       RA's
5:30pm                       GA’s 
6:00pm                       Evening Worship 
6:00pm- 7:15pm        FORGE 



Noon                           Men’s Brown Bag Lunch
6:00pm                    F.A.I.T.H. Training
6:30pm                       Grief Share 


5:30pm                       Wednesday Night Supper 
6:15pm                       Bible Study/ Prayer Service
6:15pm                       Children’s Choir/Activities
6:15pm                       FORGE (youth group) 
7:15pm                       Worship Choir Practice









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